Over ten years since Varanus exploded

Just over ten years ago there was a series of almighty explosions on Varanus Island off the West Australian coast when a high-pressure gas pipeline failed. It knocked out 30% of the state’s gas supply not only resulting in inconvenience for householders but impacted industrial output and cost the state billions.

A government enquiry followed the explosion which resulted in a protracted legal battle in which the state was unable to successfully prosecute its case against US oil company Apache.

The blame for this disaster is open to contention, however, it can be assumed that the state of maintenance and monitoring played a part.

It is well recognised that preventative maintenance is paramount in minimising equipment failure, but when it  all goes wrong it is as equally important to get your plant or equipment up and running as soon as possible. Availability of spare parts will often dictate on just how  your plant or equipment is unavailable.

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