Transforming the face of spare parts procurement – fast

MaydaySpares is transforming the landscape of emergency spare parts procurement. Using innovative technology to build a collaborative online community, MaydaySpares makes it easy for you to find parts fast – whatever your industry – wherever you’re based


A streamlined process to source or supply any part from anywhere

MaydaySpares has developed a new system to revolutionise the search for emergency spare parts or equipment. If you’re a procurement, maintenance or engineering professional tasked with sourcing essential parts or equipment, you’re no longer restricted to traditional procurement processes.

MaydaySpares is connecting people, companies and industries to new sources of supply.


Emergency procurement 101: find parts fast

In the time it takes to contact one supplier, you can create a search from the MaydaySpares platform that will reach a global audience. That’s a MAYDAY.


In our experience, procurement and maintenance people are happy to collaborate and help each other. They just need the right platform to facilitate those connections. That’s what MaydaySpares provides.

Our use of technology enables large-scale communication between our network members across their diverse industries.”

Bruno Pelle – MaydaySpares


And, because unplanned shutdowns can be commercially sensitive, your details remain private until you’re ready to contact a supplier.


Launch a global search with the press of a button

When operational disaster strikes, there’s no time to learn complex new systems. That’s why ease of use it at the heart of the MaydaySpares solution. From registration to creating or responding to a MAYDAY, the process is deliberately quick, easy and efficient.


During our long careers in large-scale industrial, commercial and technology operations, my fellow directors and I have repeatedly been frustrated by rigid procurement processes and a lack of alternatives.

MaydaySpares is our solution to emergency procurement challenges. And we’re excited to offer this innovative platform to our peers.”

Russell Moyle – MaydaySpares


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