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Where do we find the largest repository of information? Online.
Where do we find the largest repository of services? Online.
Where do we find the largest repository of goods? Online.
What single source do most people go to when they need information, services or goods? Online.
And so on.

The Internet solving the spare parts dilemma.

So what has this got to do with spare parts? Well a lot but firstly let’s talk a little about this monster called the Internet.

The Internet is far from infallible. There is a lot of misinformation, bad websites and online references which are not worth the trouble of our attention but it is still the most single useful tool available to us by far.

The fallibility of the Internet is not the Internet’s fault, but it is ours in that the Internet can only serve up what it is given but this is changing.

Websites and businesses are becoming much better at delivering what we need. If a website is not up to the mark people will stop visiting it and the businesses will have to sit up and take notice.

Thankfully search engines are also playing their part making their search bots smarter and smarter indexing information online so good information is easier to find building user trust in the results served up.

The only way to find spare parts is online.

So the question again, what has this to do with spare parts? The spare parts industry needs to be part of the online revolution. It is just too big to ignore so why not use the power of the Internet and social media to solve our spare parts problems?

At the forefront of the online spare parts industry is MaydaySpares a company which takes the sourcing of spare parts to a new level. The MaydaySpares solution uses the best of the Internet’s intent including social media which is all about people connecting and helping each other out.

A case in point, did you know that a power generation company recently spent months looking and waiting for a replacement turbine part, firstly within its own inventory and then the obvious turbine manufacturer? Did you also know that the same turbine part could have been available within days from a Mining, Aviation or Oil & Gas company down the road? MaydaySpares bring these unlikely industries together to help source parts when you are in trouble.

Join the spare parts revolution.

Come and join the spare parts revolution by registering with MaydaySpares. Go to the site and register now so the site will be ready to help you when that inevitable spare parts emergency arises.