Be smarter than artificial intelligence

There is no doubt Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are going to have an impact on many aspects of our professionals lives but what will really happen as we enter this ‘Brave New World’.

This vexed question is something procurement managers are trying to come to terms with as new machine learning software is being developed. Many of these products offer the world but do they really deliver? For run of the mill maintenance maybe, but is managing a spare parts inventory ever run of the mill.

What happens when you need a spare part quickly? Going to your traditional supplier is not always the best solution as the part may take valuable time to get to you or it may not be in stock so will take even longer.

What happens when you need a hard to get part or one that is no longer readily available? The suppliers in your procurement system will probably not be able to help, or maybe extremely expensive, or take a significant amount of time to manufacture and deliver.

Furthermore, what if you could save downtime if the part was easily available from a non-traditional supplier just around the corner, or loaned or shared by a complimentary industry.

Procurement programs are well and good but even the smartest machine learning program won’t always have the best answer. In the end, the network of experienced procurement managers will more than likely be able to provide a solution when it is needed.

But of course, it is even better when that network is leveraged. MaydaySpares provides procurement managers with a quick and easy connection with the best possible solution because it brings experienced procurement professionals together offering assistance to their counterparts when the best, quickest parts solution is needed.