Find parts fast when you’re racing against the clock

If you’re an experienced procurement, maintenance or engineering professional, the race to find a replacement part is a familiar and frustrating story.

One failed or damaged part can sideline an essential piece of equipment and slow down or halt production, force an unplanned operational shutdown or trigger a major safety incident.

When costs are escalating with every minute of downtime or lost production – the pressure is on you to find the part as quickly as possible.

Before long, you’ve hit a wall with your usual sources and no one can supply the part you need in a hurry.

How often have you asked yourself ‘what if’…?


  • What if there was another way for you to find parts fast?
  • What if you could source the part you need from anyone, anywhere within hours?
  • What if you could remain anonymous while you discreetly search for the part you need?
  • What if there was a simplified, fast process to order any part from any source?


Well, now there is… The team at MaydaySpares have gone beyond ‘what ifs’ to find a new way for you to get parts fast.


Seasoned professionals who understand your procurement challenges

The team at MaydaySpares has 40+ years’ combined experience working in the high-pressured environments of mining, oil and gas operations/projects, supply, logistics, procurement and warehousing.

They’ve seen – or worked on – every type of spare parts procurement emergency.


  • They understand all the reasons why, when equipment fails, speed is crucial in locating spare parts
  • They appreciate the need for discretion when your operation is urgently seeking a replacement part or piece of equipment, especially after a major disruption
  • They know what it feels like to be the person under pressure to find parts fast


And that’s why they pooled their broad experience and knowledge to find a procurement solution that’s fast, easy-to-use and discreet.


MaydaySpares offers you a simple yet innovative solution to save the day

MaydaySpares has developed a reliable, efficient tool to help businesses find the parts fast. It’s designed to encourage communication and collaboration across a worldwide network of diverse industries – not just your own.

When you need parts or equipment urgently, MaydaySpares offers you an alternative to the traditional procurement process. Now you have an option that is:


  • Fast – your search will be shared with the MaydaySpares network in under 2 hours
  • Easy – register online, then you’re ready to create your first MAYDAY
  • Discreet – look for your part or equipment anonymously and only share your details when you’re ready


When you register with MaydaySpares, you join a global network of procurement, maintenance and engineering professionals across a broad spectrum of industries.


  • You won’t have to waste precious time reaching out to your limited list of contacts, one by one
  • You won’t have to cross your fingers and hope they might have what you need
  • And, you won’t be constrained by the usual procurement processes because MaydaySpares can post your requirement more widely, and more quickly


MaydaySpares can connect you with suppliers across the world or across the street – you never know – the part you seek might be much closer than you think.

How can MaydaySpares help you find parts fast?

Our way – fast, easy and discreet

A MAYDAY offers you a new way to manage the search for emergency spare parts or equipment.

It’s fast, easy and discreet – you can be up and running in just a few minutes.

Whether you’re searching for a part or you can supply one, the process is straightforward and quick to implement. Here’s how it works:

  1. Register your details at and join our global network
  2. Activate your account and get started
  3. Choose to create a MAYDAY or indicate you can assist with a MAYDAY, in just a few easy steps


Create a MAYDAY:

  • Select Create a MAYDAY and complete the simple online form to provide a brief description of what you need and the quantity required
  • Select the option to provide additional details if you want to better describe your specific need
  • Submit your MAYDAY
  • The team at MaydaySpares will broadcast your MAYDAY within 2 hours


Help with a MAYDAY:

  • Search our database of MAYDAY items using the description, part number or manufacturer, or scroll the complete list to find a match for the part you can supply
  • When you find a MAYDAY you can assist with, select more information to confirm it’s the correct item, then use the Click to Help button to notify the MAYDAY creator
  • Your supply details will be sent to the MAYDAY creator
  • The MAYDAY Creator will then contact you if they want to accept your assistance


That’s the hard work over with – it really is that simple.

So, whether you’ve created a MAYDAY or responded to one, all you have to do now is wait for a reply from our network, then start a conversation.

Don’t wait for your next spare parts emergency – take advantage of our FREE registration and create your profile today. You’ll be ready to create a MAYDAY that can help you:

Reduce risk – some part failures cause emergencies that put people or the environment at risk. Sourcing replacement parts more efficiently can save lives and minimise damage

Save time – create a MAYDAY in just a few minutes and reach suppliers worldwide within 2 hours

Save money – if you can source your part more quickly, you can reduce the high cost of unplanned downtime or damage

Protect your interests – search anonymously because you don’t want to share your operational difficulties with the world

Connect and collaborate – grow new connections and foster collaborative relationships, inside your industry, and beyond


Register Now

Frequently asked questions

As you learn more about our faster option for finding spare parts, you might have some questions. You are not alone. Here are the questions we hear most often. If you have others, please get in touch at

What is MaydaySpares?

MaydaySpares is an online platform created to help people in large industrial and commercial companies find spare parts fast or sell surplus spare parts and equipment.

How does MaydaySpares work?

We use technology and online communities to distribute ‘MAYDAYs’ to as many people as possible. In this way, we deliver more solutions and more opportunities for professional connection and collaboration. The spare part or equipment you need urgently could be a lot closer than you think or that person seeking your surplus items may not be known to you.

What is the process when I need to find a spare part or sell surplus?

First you need to be a MaydaySpares Member. Then, you submit a ‘MAYDAY’ (urgently required item or surplus for sale), which we distribute to our members and online communities. When the offers to help or purchase come in, we notify you by email, and on your My MAYDAY screen. Then it is up to you to communicate, collaborate and negotiate to find your best solution.

What are the benefits?

When you find spare parts fast, it means reduced downtime and returning to full production faster, which can save you a great deal of money. This solution also enables collaboration between industries and across the same industry.

When you sell surplus means you reduce space held in your warehouse or operation, you recover capital for items that have been left idle, and you are potentially helping other industry. It is also likely you will recover more capital when compared to traditional disposal options.

How do I stay private and anonymous?

Our designers come from the world of large corporates and understand the need for discretion. As a MAYDAY creator, you have control of your privacy and can choose when to reveal your identity to the people or companies you are collaborating with.

We reveal to the MAYDAY creator the name and company details of the members who have offered to help supply your urgently required item or purchase your surplus for sale.

What industries does MaydaySpares work for?

MaydaySpares is a solution for all industries in all locations. The solution can work for the smallest and largest parts and equipment across the world.

Why do I have to enter an Expiry Date against a MAYDAY

You must select an expiry date for each MAYDAY item. The expiry date can be a maximum of 180 days from today (the MAYDAY creation date), although this defaults to 30 days. This is the amount of time that the MAYDAY item remains active on the MaydaySpares site. When you create a MAYDAY (for an urgently required item) it is usually an urgent requirement.

Is MaydaySpares fully operational?

Yes, we are fully operational.

What will MaydaySpares cost?

It is FREE to register and post items on MaydaySpares. Should you require your item to be promoted (advertised) across our various channels, you can select one of the payment options available. Payments are available via AMEX, Visa and Mastercard.

It is FREE for users to register and offer to supply an urgently required item or offer to purchase a surplus item.

How quickly is my MAYDAY request sent to the members and online communities?

MaydaySpares operates 24/7. After your request is verified, it will be released to the other members and online communities within 2 hours of creation.

When do I expect to get responses to my MAYDAY request?

We expect to receive responses for your MAYDAY request within the first 24-36 hours for paid promotion. Total reach is expected to be achieved within 36-48 hours, but this may be longer in some cases. The quickest and widest reach is achieved when paid promotion is seleted.

Does MaydaySpares work in a language other than English?

At this stage, English is the only language supported. Please email us if you would like to see additional languages supported.

I’m not receiving email from MaydaySpares?

MaydaySpares sends emails to confirm the creation of your MAYDAY, and when responses are received to your MAYDAY post. We also send a confirmation email to the person/company who offers to help or purchase your surplus. We also send various email broadcasts and newsletters. We monitor that these email messages are sent. So please add to your contacts or safe senders list and also check your Spam or Junk email folders.

I do not require MaydaySpares anymore and would like to delete my account. How do I do this?

Please email MaydaySpares at with this request and also quote your username to have your account deleted.


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